About us

Black Connection is an online platform for all African/Caribbean and all open-minded groups of people regardless of race, creed, colour or sex within not only the UK but internationally. It is aimed at connecting and empowering black and other ethnic groups together online, giving them a platform, they can use to discuss issues affecting them and their local or wider communities.

The Black community is important, and the remit of this platform is to facilitate economic empowerment within our community through discussion as well as providing support for black-owned businesses.
You will be able to talk about what’s happening in the world, nationally and locally. Discuss the issues people are experiencing right now and discover Black events happening in your area.

We offer a user-friendly platform to retrieve details of black-owned businesses and service providers. Use categories, keywords or entering a postcode, nearby location or landmark – refining broader search results by specifying a mile radius of your choosing.

Our fee

Many online platforms claim to be “free” and subsequently monetise user-collected data which has value because of how it’s used in online advertising.

Black Connection is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, including user data. We will not share, rent, or sell this information. We instead charge a small monthly fee to ensure that we provide a safe and secure experience for all users without exploiting their data.

Our fee also aims to deter those who are simply focussed on abusing our services, users and staff. This is known as ‘cyber-bullying’ where personal or targeted insults, threats, obscene and aggressive comments directed at them. By charging this fee, we ensure a more mature and caring community where cyber-bullying does not take place.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Black Connection operates a safe space for people to engage, learn, share and network. We operate a zero-tolerance policy with regards to the abuse of our service users or staff. Personal or targeted insults, threats, obscene and aggressive comments directed at other service users or at staff will not be tolerated. Users who persist in engaging in this way may be excluded from our services. Please report any abusive posts or incidences of cyber-bullying to our admin.

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